Sayings of J. Krishnamurti
Compiled by Susunaga Weeraperuma, Blz. 121



To look without the interference of the past is
to look in complete silence. And out of that
silence comes about a mutation, not thought out,
not planned, not conditioned. And it is only such
a mutation that can bring about order in the world.

Talks by Krishnamurtí in India 1965 11.106


All mutation is instantaneous.

Talks lby Krishnamurti in India 1966 p.23


I t seems to, me that there must be a total
change, a total revolution in the mind, not a
modified continuity, but a total psychological mutation,
so that the mind is entirely free from all
the bondage of time, so that it can go beyond the
structure of thought, not into some metaphysical
region, but rather into a timeless dimension where
the mind is no longer caught in its own structure,
in its own problems.

Talks by Krishnainurti in U.S.A 1966 p;I2


Ideas and words never bring about a radical revolution,
a mutation in the mind.

Talks by Kríshnamurti in U.S.A 1966 ;›.68

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